? Exmoor walks to download and print FREE!

Walking in Somerset

Exmoor walks to download and print FREE!
Bossington walk 1.5 miles
Dulverton walk 3.3 miles
Bridgetown to Dulverton bus walk 4.5 miles
Chargot Woods walk 0.5 miles
County Gate walk 11 miles
Dulverton walk 5 miles
Dulverton walk 7.5 miles
Dunkery Gate walk 2.5 miles
Dunkery Beacon walks 2.5, 3.7 or 5 miles
Dunkery Beacon walk (wheel and push-chair friendly) 3.5 miles
Dunkery walk 5.5 miles
Dunster walk 4.3 miles
Exford walk 3.8 miles
Exford to Wheddon Cross bus walk 7.1 miles
Hawkridge walk 1 mile
Hawkridge walk 1.8 or 2.7 miles
Holnicote walk 2 miles
Holnicote walk 3 miles
Holnicote walk 3 miles
Horner walk 8.6 miles
Hunter’s Inn walk 6 miles
Malmsmead walk 5 miles
Malmsmead walk 6 miles
North Hill Tank Trail 0.8 miles
Pinkery Pond walk 5.7 miles
Roadwater walk 7 miles
Selworthy walk 2 miles
Selworthy walk 3 miles
Simonsbath walk 2 or 4 miles
Selworthy walk 5 miles
Simonsbath walk 3.5 miles
Simonsbath walk 7 miles
Simonsbath walk 11.7 miles
Simonsbath walk 12 miles
Trentishoe walk 2.4 miles
Trentishoe walk 5 miles
Winsford walk 6 miles
Wistlandpound Reservoir walk (wheel and push-chair friendly) 1.5 miles
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